Annual Meeting


The annual meeting of the members of Coosa Valley Electric Cooperative is traditionally conducted the Saturday following Labor Day. The 2022 meeting occurred on Sept. 10 at the cooperative’s headquarters.

The meeting’s primary intent is to report on the activities of the Cooperative and vote on any business that requires ratification by the membership. New board members and officers are installed during the meeting and assume their terms of office as of the meeting date. Board members are elected at District Meetings, which are held in staggered rotation by district every three years.

For more information about meetings, please see the Bylaws

District Meetings

The Bylaws of Coosa Valley Electric Cooperative divide its service territory into seven districts. Each district can hold a meeting every three years. The purpose of District meetings is to elect a Trustee to serve on the Board of Trustees and represent the interests of the members in that district.

The Cooperative has scheduled meetings, if new candidates choose to run for the Trustee position in those Districts, in 2023 for Districts 2 and 5, inĀ 2024 for Districts 3, 4 and 6, and in 2025 for Districts 1 and 7. If no new candidates run for a Trustee position, then no meeting will be held in that District.

To qualify to run for a Trustee position, interested CVEC members as well as incumbent Trustees, must submit several affirmation forms along with a required petition for nomination. CVEC members who are interested in representing their fellow members, may call Jon Cullimore at 256-362-4180, ext. 225 obtain more information at the CVEC office or click on the link to see the Bylaws.