The Cooperative rents Dusk-to-Dawn lighting fixtures (Security Lights) to qualifying members.

CVEC will install the first pole required for a Dusk-to-Dawn light. If additional poles are needed to get the Dusk-to-Dawn light to the consumer’s desired location, the consumer shall pay in advance $150 per pole.
If the consumer terminates the agreement before the 48-months has ended, he or she must pay $75.bannersq_seclig_350 Consumers must pay for lights that are damaged or destroyed as a result of vandalism.

The monthly rental charges are as follows:

New and Existing Installations by CVEC
100 Watt High Pressure Sodium Bulb $10.50
400 Watt Sodium/Metal Halide Bulb $21.00

NOTE: These rentals are based on 4-year (48-month) agreements.

For more information call the Service Department at 1-800-273-7210, ext. 7, 256-362-4180, ext. 7, or stop by our office at 69220 AL Highway 77, Talladega, AL 35160.

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