Online Account Manager

The Online Account Manager enables our customers to securely manage their account and pay their bill via the Internet 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

Levelized Billing

Levelized Billing works on a 12-month rolling average, which means the average is recalculated each month based on the previous 12 months usage. Members using this payment option may pay a slightly different amount each month, but the program helps to level those months of high usage. (This payment option works well for consumers on fixed incomes.)

Automatic Bank Draft

The Automatic Bank Draft option will simply automatically debit your checking account at about the same time each month. We will send you a statement with the amount before we debit your account, so you won’t be surprised. This option works best when combined with levelized billing.

Credit Card Billing

Perhaps our most convenient payment option is Credit Card Billing. Instead of billing you, we simply debit your credit card of choice. We will send you a statement every month before we bill your credit card, so you’ll know exactly what to expect on your next credit card statement. Coosa Valley Electric will contact members back about the request for information. Please input a daytime contact phone number and a best time of the day to call.

You may contact a CVEC customer service representative or the billing department at 1-800-273-7210 or (256) 362-4180 to request more information.

Payment Locations

For your convenience, Coosa Valley Electric offers its member-owners the ability to pay their bills several different ways. There are the traditional ways by mail or at our office at 69220 Alabama Highway 77, north of Talladega, but you may also pay it at one of our convenient remote payment processing offices.

Convienent Payment Locations
Talladega Coosa Valley Electric Cooperative  Office
Cropwell Union State Bank
Lincoln First Bank of Alabama
Munford First Bank of Alabama
Talladega First Bank of Alabama
Pell City Union State Bank
Ohatchee Fort McClellan Credit Union

Click on the MoneyGram link to find a convenient location to pay your bill.