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The Cooperative service area is divided into four (4) billing cycles. The reading of each cycle will be completed on a timely schedule as follows

Billing Schedule
Cycle One 10th of each month
Cycle Two 17th of each month
Cycle Three 24th of each month
Cycle Four 31th of each month

Meters inadvertently NOT read will receive a bill based on the previous three months usage and will constitute the power used for that month. The next months reading will correct the high or low estimate.

All members are obligated to pay a monthly minimum customer charge in addition to the electric energy used.

Members will be billed at the current Board approved rate. Each bill will reflect the kWh used, applicable taxes, wholesale power cost adjustment, due date and net bill. Each bill will clearly reflect a gross amount including a 10% delinquent penalty if Not paid within the due date.

*Note: Cycles may vary because of weekends and holidays