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Our solar energy policy


Coosa Valley Electric Cooperative allows members to connect solar energy systems to their homes, but members should keep a few things in mind before initiating a project.


Please contact us before committing to a project.


  • We would like to ensure the solar energy system you would like to implement meets your goals! Our energy services representative, Lucas Browning, has been trained in evaluating the effectiveness of solar arrays and our solar energy policy. His insight can make sure you are making the best decision for your goals and your budget!


  • If you have researched the type, size and location of the solar array you would like to build, CVEC’s engineering team must study the project’s effect on our grid. If any of CVEC’s equipment — like a transformer — needs an upgrade to handle the system, the cooperative must pass that cost along to you.


  • We also have some regulations, including how the system is installed and connected to the grid, that must be followed.


If you plan to use our system as a backup source of power, we must charge you a fee.


  • It may be possible to run your home off your solar energy system, but many members often want to remain connected to our grid for various reasons.


  • If that is your desire, we must account for the capacity your home could potentially use AND for the costs associated with maintaining the facilities that connect your home to our grid.


  • For this reason, we charge $5 per month for each kilowatt your system can generate. For example, a 10-KW system would require a $50 per month fee. This is in addition to the normal customer charge each member is assessed.


If you plan to sell power back to us, we have paperwork to complete.


  • Should your solar energy system generate more power than you use in a given month, you can sell the excess power back to us.


  • To do so, we need you to complete an interconnection agreement and a purchase of power agreement. These are available by contacting Browning at lbrowning@coosavalleyec.com.


Please research your project thoroughly!


  • Unfortunately given its popularity, some companies are charging exorbitant prices for systems and/or not completing the work as promised.


  • Our staff may be able to help reduce your risk of being scammed. We also have a solar calculator that can help you compare the quoted cost of your system with national averages.



We appreciate your cooperation as we find ways to effectively reduce the impact that generating and distributing electricity has on our environment!