Connected Care

CVT's fast Internet powers modern home medicine

Today’s medical devices have evolved beyond basic functionality. They’re now intelligent, responsive and often internet-enabled. Fast and reliable fiber internet supports these modern devices that are revolutionizing in-home health care — enriching lives and creating a healthier, more connected world.

For patients, this innovative technology can monitor vital signs, remind them about medications and even conduct diagnostic tests — all from the comfort of their homes. Consider the Internet of Things, or IoT, an interconnected ecosystem of medical devices and applications that communicate with healthcare systems over a network connection. This is where Coosa Valley Technologies’ high-speed fiber internet makes a profound difference.

Adobe Stock Images by Hilch, Viacheslav Yakobchuk, Dlyastokiv

Health care is evolving through IoT devices, particularly in remote patient monitoring. This technology betters the lives of individuals who require specific medical care and improves patient outcomes.

For instance, advanced cardiac rhythm monitoring using internet-connected devices, such as pacemakers, provides continuous heart rhythm data to healthcare providers. If they detect any abnormal activity, they can take immediate action. These devices allow patients to move freely while maintaining surveillance of their heart health as opposed to being in a restrictive, traditional healthcare setting. The reliability of Coosa Valley Tech’s fiber internet ensures this vital data exchange is seamless and uninterrupted.

Similarly, diabetic patients use connected insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors to manage their conditions. These smart devices adjust insulin dosage based on real-time glucose data and alert patients about abnormal readings. The collected data allows physicians to keep tabs on patients’ blood sugar levels and adjust treatment plans accordingly — all facilitated by a high-speed, stable internet connection.

Then there are home dialysis machines for kidney patients. With connectivity, these machines enable clinics to supervise treatments while granting individuals the independence to undergo dialysis at home.

High-speed internet also powers telehealth services. Routine consultations, follow-up appointments, and even mental health therapy sessions are virtual. This service eliminates the need for patients — particularly the elderly, disabled or those living in remote areas — to make burdensome trips to health centers.

In all of this, we see the constant need for fast, reliable internet connectivity — something that Coosa Valley Tech consistently delivers to its members. It’s about ensuring that crucial medical data get where they need to go — when they need to get there.

With high-speed fiber internet from Coosa Valley Tech, patients are empowered to take control of their health from the comfort of their own homes. “It’s about ensuring that crucial medical data get where they need to go — when they need to get there.