Linking Local Businesses

At Coosa Valley Technologies, we are more than just a provider of internet services. We are proud supporters and friendly neighbors in the community we serve.

Our growing member base, now exceeding 3,500, includes 115 commercial accounts. These businesses contribute to our economic landscape and the vibrancy of our community. From the church steeple to the firehouse sirens, from the aromas of our local restaurants to the lively chatter of offices and the quiet hum of servers, CVT serves businesses with a personal touch, customizing our solutions to suit their unique needs.

When we embarked on our broadband journey, we were guided by a single, powerful motivation — to build a stronger, more connected community. We saw an opportunity to enhance local businesses by providing them with high-speed internet they can count on, and we’re overjoyed to see the tangible differences our services make.

CVT’s comprehensive suite of services, including super-fast internet, Wi-Fi and digital voice service, is engineered to support seamless business operations. We also offer site visits, which allow us to understand your specific needs and ensure we deliver the most effective solution. Just ask any of our satisfied members!

Lincoln Family Practice

A cornerstone of health in our community, Lincoln Family Practice’s need for dependable internet stretches beyond mere convenience — it’s critical for the practice’s lifesaving work. From communication systems to patient records and telehealth services, each facet of the operation leans heavily on the stability of the internet connection.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Mark Ponder, who detailed how our services have benefited their operations. The transition was smooth, he says, and the staff “noticed an immediate improvement in our connection speed.”

But the enhancement of the practice’s telehealth services really underscored the profound value of reliable internet. As Ponder puts it, the fast, stable connection CVT provided “dramatically enhanced our ability to provide health care over the internet. It has been a great

Lincoln’s Landing

The new sparkling lakeside property in Lincoln has been lovingly developed as a venue for fishing tournaments and a family-friendly picnic area. The expansive 38-acre park — complete with pavilions, a large launch site and parking for over 300 trucks with trailers — has become a cherished spot for families and individuals looking to enjoy the lake.

CVT had the pleasure of speaking with Les Robinson, the director at Lincoln’s Landing, who shared how our fiber internet has helped the event site grow. “We can livestream tournament weigh-ins with the fast, reliable internet service provided by Coosa Valley Technologies,” Robinson says.

Whether you’re running a medical practice, a community hub or any other business, we would be delighted to explore how Coosa Valley Tech can empower you with fast, reliable and affordable fiber internet.

Email us or call us at (254) 649-4669.