Outage Center

Report an Outage or View Our Outage Map

We would love to could keep the power on all the time, but occasionally it will go out at your home or business. Once that occurs, our attentions and efforts turn completely to dedicating the resources necessary to restoring your service.

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If you are experiencing a power outage, you should call the outage hotline at

 1-800-273-7210, option 2

The automated outage response system will prompt you for information. Please be patient and listen to the instructions as it guides you through the reporting process.


One important thing to keep in mind during the reporting process is the phone number you input for your account information. If Coosa Valley Electric does not have your current phone number in its system, we will have a harder time locating your account information and may delay our response time to your outage. The automated outage reporting system uses the phone number to find your account information.

If you are calling from a phone that is in your account records, the system can use your caller ID information to automatically find your account information. You will not have to input your phone number at all and will speed your outage reporting process. If you are calling from a phone that is not in your account records, please make sure when prompted you input a phone number that is in your account records.

Please remember the more information you can provide, the faster your service will be restored. Our main goal is to provide you the most reliable service at the most reasonable rates possible. The outage response system we have in place is one of the most important tools we use to keep your power on.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.