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New Connection or Existing Service (Reconnection of Service)

Existing permanent service to a residence, cabin, mobile home, campsite, or facility on the property of a member such as a workshop or well pump.


In addition to a $5 Membership Fee, a residential or seasonal (camper) consumer’s deposit is determined by the credit score reported through Online Credit Services. If no credit rating is available or the consumer prefers not to supply the information necessary to obtain a credit rating, the consumer will pay the largest deposit required for residential or seasonal service: $500.

A deposit is required of all consumers with credit risk assessments of 11 percent or greater (as supplied by Online Credit Services). Deposits must be paid before electric service can be supplied to ensure prompt payment of bills. Deposits held by the cooperative earn no interest and are retained until a consumer terminates service with CVEC. At that time, the deposit will be applied against any unpaid bills and any remaining balance refunded to the consumer.

The following scores determine a consumer’s required deposit:

Credit Score

Deposit Required

0 – 10.9% No Deposit Required
11 – 20% $150.00
20.1 – 25% $250.00
25% – Up $500.00
SmartPay No Deposit Required

Connect Fee

A $20 Connect Fee is required of any new consumer before electric service can be supplied. CVEC also requires connect fees from any consumer requesting service to additional meters. For a complete listing of all service fees, see Schedule of Fees.


Code: 0001


Available in all areas served from the Cooperative’s distribution.


Applicable to all single-family residences and multi-family residential units.

Character of Service

Single-phase service at 120 or 120/240 volts.

Monthly Rates

Distribution access charge: $40.00 per customer.

Power rate: $0.091080 / kWh for all kWh

Minimum monthly bill shall be $40.00.


Service under this rate is subject to State and/or local sales tax as applicable. The current fuel adjustment shall be added to the Cooperative retail rates. State Gross Receipt Tax: 4.0% State Utility License Tax: 2.2%

New Residential Service

Easements for Cooperative Lines

To build, operate and maintain distribution lines members or prospective members of the Cooperative must grant to the cooperative the necessary easements. Standard easements require at least 15 feet of clearance from the conductor, which means a standard right of way will be no less than 30 feet wide.

Meter Sockets

New consumers who have paid a deposit and have completed and signed an application for service will be supplied a meter socket if requested, after a release is signed. Contractors requesting a meter socket must pick it up at the Cooperative office and furnish the name of the consumer for whom it is being installed.

Size of Motors and Capacity Allowed:

Unless otherwise agreed upon, all motors shall be as follows:

All motors of 10-HP rating or less shall be single-phase. All motors rating more than 10 HP shall be three-phase. All motors with a rated capacity of 5 HP or more, single-phase or of 10 HP or more, three-phase, shall be equipped with approved starting equipment and a low voltage release attachment. All motors with a rated capacity of 10 HP or more, which are to be automatically started and stopped, shall have details of the controlling equipment approved by the Cooperative before connected.

Disclosure of Load Requirements and Additional Loads:

At the time of application for membership and electric service, the member shall fully disclose the electrical load to be connected, so that the Cooperative can plan and install the proper size transformer, meter and other equipment. The member shall notify the Cooperative office prior to connecting additional electrical load and obtain consent of the Cooperative or its duly authorized agent.

Members who make such changes or additional installations without consent shall be liable to the Cooperative’s equipment by reason thereof.

Notice of Unsatisfactory Service

The member shall notify the Cooperative immediately should the service be unsatisfactory for any reason, or should there be any defects, trouble or accidents to the Cooperative’s equipment which would affect the supply of electricity. Such notices, if verbal, should be confirmed to the office in writing, if possible.