Residential Services

Residential Packages

300 Mbps

Starting at $59.99 per Month
  • Up to 300 x 300 Mbps residential internet access for email, web browsing, and streaming
  • Perfect for homes with a small number of users, who like to browse, stream content, and game

500 Mbps

Starting at $79.99 per Month
  • Up to 500 x 500 Mbps residential internet access
  • Better for larger households that have multiple users who like to do more web browsing and streaming
  • Hardcore online gamers will enjoy more lag-free playtime

1 Gbps

Starting at $99.99 per Month
  • Up to1 Gbps x 1 Gbps
  • Our fastest residential internet speed available
  • Gig service ensures little to no buffering when the entire family is streaming, surfing, and gaming at the same time
  • Perfect for smart homes with multiple users, who like to browse, stream, and game at the same time

*All Coosa Valley Technologies service packages include no data caps and no service contract.

*The rates above do not include managed Wi-Fi service*

Managed W-Fi

Managed Wi-Fi

$10 per Month
  • For only $10 a month, we offer managed Wi-Fi service and 24-hour phone support
  • Our installation technicians will install your Wi-Fi network for you to ensure that you are 100% satisfied!

*Coosa Valley Technologies can only guarantee speed and service on devices provided by Coosa Valley Technologies*

VOIP Phone Services

VOIP Phone Services

  • Nationwide, unlimited Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol telephone service

*Only $24.99 when bundled with one of our Internet service packages*