CVEC Annual Meeting

September 12, 2020

International Motorsports Hall of Fame - Sports 1 Dome

Why This Vote Matters

With an estimated 14,000 households lacking the ability to connect to high speed reliable internet and the clear benefits that having a good internet connection can provide, the time is right for Coosa Valley to pass this vote. When you Vote YES, you are helping place our local communities in the driver’s seat to determine possibilities and drive growth and innovation for the Coosa Valley area.

Your Best Quality of Life Now

Internet reliability and performance impacts our lives more and more every day. Bringing fiber to our Coosa Valley improves the daily experience of every member of our community. It’s that simple.

  • Work at home with seamless ease
  • No limit to the number of devices streaming in your household
  • Online gaming with no lagging
  • Video chat with friends and family
  • Hassle free online meetings
  •  Buffer-free video streaming
  • Easy online learning options

Your Best Community Tomorrow

Studies show that access to broadband (fiber) networks is critical for a community to grow and prosper…and even survive. Investing in fiber today provides an important communication infrastructure in times of crisis, stimulates and attracts new businesses (and jobs!), and attracts new residents and outside investment.

Voter Attendance Guidelines

Polls open 8 a.m. to NOON. Business meeting begins after polls close.

  • Social distancing guidelines enforced.
  • Attendees wear a mask. Masks will be available for those who do not have one.
  • Attendance restricted to members only, unless you need assistance.
  • Bring a valid, state-issued photo ID.
  • Voting on behalf of a business, church, volunteer fire department or other organization? Bring a letter, printed on the organization’s letterhead authorizing you to vote for that membership.
  • All frequently touched surfaces will be sanitized throughout the day.

How This Vote Works

All members of the Coosa Valley Electric Cooperative will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the proposed project at our Annual Meeting on September 12th at the Fox Sports 1 Dome (behind the International MotorSports Hall of Fame). Voting will begin at 8 a.m. and last until noon, at which time the business meeting will begin.

The official notice of the Annual Meeting will be mailed in late August with all details about the proposed broadband project as well as a sample ballot.

This is a monumental vote for our membership. To help encourage participation, all attendees will receive a $15 bill credit. There will also be a greater number of door prizes, including gift cards, at least one, big-screen, flat-panel TV and of course the grand prize – a CVEC Truck! Winners need not be present to claim their prize, but they must have attended the meeting and registered.

We know that the economic payback of rural broadband expansion is estimated to be at least a 4:1 return. It’s a safe investment given what you can receive in return: stronger workforce, access to education, and economic growth for our community.

Vote YES on September 12th for you, your neighbor, and your favorite local business. Whether in a city or town, every resident and business owner in the Coosa Valley should have the option of affordable, reliable internet access.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I vote?

All CVEC members can cast their vote at the September 12th meeting. According to our bylaws, this vote must be conducted in person. We will be making every effort to ensure social distancing is in place for the vote.

What are the benefits of fiber?

Fiber, short for fiber-optic lines, is actually tiny strands of glass that carry data (aka the internet) using lightwaves. In contrast, traditional DSL or cable connections are traditionally copper wires that transmit data using electricity. It is faster and more reliable to transmit the internet on fiber-optic lines.

Fiber is more reliable than other types of network and less prone to interference and complications from lightning and other natural elements.

Not only is fiber faster and more reliable than options like cable or DSL, but access to fiber internet can even raise the property value of homes by as much as $5,000.

What type of internet speed can I get? How does it compare to what we have now?

We expect this fiber project to bring internet speeds up to 2 GBS (gigabits per second) to our community. That’s over 50 times faster than what most of our area experiences today. In practical terms, this means members of the same household will be able to work from home, stream a movie and play a video game online simultaneously!

How much will it cost?

While we are still in the early stages of planning for this project, we estimate that packages may start around $59.95 per month.

What percentage of the vote is required to approve this project for CVEC?

Our bylaws require a majority vote to approve any proposed measure.

I don’t use internet, why should I vote in favor of this?

Even if you do not personally use the internet, high-speed broadband connectivity provides citizens, businesses, and local government access to education, tools, and resources that will help our area thrive in today’s digital world.