Other Services

Coosa Valley Propane offers a variety of other services to ensure your propane products operate correctly and efficiently.

Coosa Valley Propane employees filling up propane tanks.

Cylinder recertification: According to Alabama law, propane cylinders must be inspected and recertified after the cylinder is 10 years old. CVP personnel will check for dents, bulges, properly operating valves and more then re-certify a tank for usage for another 6 years. CVP is one of a few places in the state to offer this service!

Filling station: Our filling station located at 69680 Alabama Highway 77 in Talladega is perfect for refueling RVs, grilling cylinders and commercial cylinders (up to 100 pounds). Call (844) 582-3216 or (256) 362-4780 to verify times for availability.

Full-service department: Have an issue with a propane device purchased from Coosa Valley Propane? Don’t worry — our state-certified technicians can make repairs! We also offer leak testing services.