CVEC Annual Meeting

September 12, 2020

International Motorsports Hall of Fame - Sports 1 Dome

Why This Vote Matters

With an estimated 14,000 households lacking the ability to connect to high speed reliable internet and the clear benefits that having a good internet connection can provide, the time is right for Coosa Valley to pass this vote. When you Vote YES, you are helping place our local communities in the driver’s seat to determine possibilities and drive growth and innovation for the Coosa Valley area.

This is something to celebrate!

Due to an overwhelming positive vote, you, our members, have ushered in the age of broadband for CVEC! And the future is bright …


Telehealth services allow for quality care in areas without easy access.




Remote learning provides opportunities for both traditional and nontraditional students.




Fiber connections attract businesses and create jobs in our region.



CVEC is bringing high-speed fiber internet to our rural communities! This advanced technology is greatly improving the quality of life for you, our members.

Coosa Valley Electric Cooperative’s board approved the formation of a fiber internet entity in September 2020. CVEC members overwhelmingly voted “yes” at our annual meeting in September 2020.

Thank you for your patience and support as we work diligently to bring this life-changing service to our rural communities.