Surge Protection

Coosa Valley Electric offers products that can help protect your home from damage due to lightning and power surges.

For just $5 a month (on a 36-month renewable lease agreement), CVEC will install a device behind your meter that protects against damaging surges that enter your home through your electric service. CVEC can also help you make informed decisions about purchasing devices to protect sensitive electronics, such as TVs and computers, from surges that come across telephone, cable or satellite services as well as your power service.

A lot of factors can affect how well your home is grounded. A CVEC serviceman will test the ground prior to installation of any protective devices. If the serviceman determines it to be inadequate, ground rods may need to be installed. CVEC supplies one ground rod and clamp at no charge. The consumer may install the ground rod himself or call a licensed electrician.

Once the new ground rod has been installed, CVEC will retest the ground. If it is good, a service man will install the Meter Socket Adapter (MSA).

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